Easily manage your nopCommerce store menu at administration panel by yourself. No expert needed anymore.

Selective Menu
Selective menu

Create menu for topic, blog and category by just select it or create external or internal URL easily.

Now you're able to control the order of the child menu, and insert title for the menu zone.

Multiple zone

Create multiple menu zone to display menus at different locations on your website.

Multiple zone

Access control list
Access Control List

You can manage the access permission of the menu with access control list. Choose to show/hide to specific customer roles.

Include in sitemap

You are allow to include the menu item into sitemap page & sitemap feed.

Support Sitemap

Editable template
Editable template

Full control to the view file. You may customize whatever you want it or integrate jQuery plugin.

Support widget zone

Now the menu zone is render into widget zone. You are allow to customize widget zone name to render your menu list.

Support Widget Zone

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